My Story

My name is Bertha and this is my storyđź’—

I was never fit, skinny, athletic, “genetically gifted”... 4 years ago I weighed Over 200 LBS !!! And that same year, it hit me hard. Depression, lack of confidence, uncomfortable in my body.
I took action and decided to make a change in myself, I began small by running a few laps around the block. My fitness goals were so “unrealistic” (as I thought during that time) and began going to the gym. As INTIMIDATING as it was, I freaking did it! Constantly looking around seeing what others were doing, to imitate their workouts. Here I am, 4 years later, looking back, and this is where my “unrealistic goals” has brought me. 
So if you, by any chance, think it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to where you want to be, think again. Start making moves & changes, quit your fucking excuses. Get up and do something about it. 
Your fit teas, detox shit, crash diets, “magic” pills, liquid diet is ALL bullshit. 
The only way to see improvements is to clean the crap food your eating, and get moving. I hope my story INSPIRES you to reach your goals !