6 Week Winter Fat Loss/ Cut Program
6 Week Winter Fat Loss/ Cut Program
6 Week Winter Fat Loss/ Cut Program

6 Week Winter Fat Loss/ Cut Program

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> 6 week program proven to shape your ideal body with effective exercises and meal regimen included. 

> The meal program will be customized to fit YOUR personal fitness goals and body type. 

> Every other week I will send you a specially designed Body transformation workout and meal program. 

> Workouts are designed to help you lose extreme body fat, develop some muscle mass, increase strength and muscle tone to achieve your dream body. 

> You will receive a new program every other week, so that you don't get bored or overwhelmed. 

> The intensity and difficulty of the workouts will increase as you progress through the program so that you are continually challenged as your fitness and strength builds. 

> I will keep you motivated, inspired, and accountable with personalized messages. 


  • Fully equipped gym with free weight dumbbells and barbells
  • Booty resistance bands with varying resistance. This can be purchased on my website (Berthalisette.com) under "Best Sellers" or "Booty Building". 
  • A food scale. This can be purchased under "All Items". And standard measuring cups. 






Bertha Plascencia is not a doctor or a registered dietician. All contents of this document should not be taken as medical advice. This program is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any health problems. This is not to be replaces by the advice of your physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters that regard your health. The use of this information in this program will be strictly at your own risk. The author will not assume any liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may result including, but not limited to, economic loss, injury, illness, or death.